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NEW AUTHORS: Bitten by RS Beck

I am starting a new series where I find books with no reviews on Amazon and read them and leave a review. Although I have yet to decide whether I want to leave one star reviews on any of these – that just seems mean.

Today’s book is Bitten: A Gay Urban Fantasy Novel. When you think “gay urban fantasy novel about a cop and vampires”, you conjure a certain image in your head of what you might get…and this is exactly it. It’s pretty fast-paced and sexy, surprisingly readable, and the author clearly did his research. The MC is likable enough. It’s just not really anything special.

I ran through this book in about an hour. If it’s your thing, you’ll probably like it (if you like cop dramas, vampire hunts, gay romance novels, or any combination thereof). Do I recommend it? Not really – my overall opinion is “meh.”

VERDICT: 3/5 Stars

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